Month: August 2015

Best Ways to Break Through the Noise at Trade Shows

Man's word bubble is brick arrow, bouncing off second man's ear
Man’s word bubble is brick arrow, bouncing off second man’s ear

It could be a daunting experience to host events and have booths on show floors that are huge with several thousands of attendees, especially the multi-day events. Moreover, if you do not exhibit at such trade shows on a regular basis, you cannot afford a flashy and huge booth. Here are some best ways how you and your business can have a break through the noisy environment that exists at any trade show and ensure you come with great success.

Personality Matters

The nature of the trade shows demands a great personality. By saying personality, it means the look and feel of the booth to the exhibitors who are working over there, and how your booth blends in with the environment or stands out. Do you always make use of the same booth for every trade show or use a booth that targets the type of show you are attending? Though the process could be time consuming and expensive, it will be really helpful to target your booth to suit the type of show you are exhibiting at.

Also, you should think about who will be sent to work at the booth. This is delegated to the sales folks who are the entry level or the junior members of the sales team. You need to think about what you want to accomplish at the show. Do you really want to generate more leads? Do you want prospective partner deals? Whatever it is, the end goal has to help you determine who will be able to best deliver the desired result.

Be Novel

At a trade show, there will be many booths, and a lot can be said to have some novelty in order to attract folks to your booth. As an attendee, it is pretty easy to get caught among the many people and do not way to break the sales pitch from a bored and desperate exhibitor. In the booth, you need to shake things up and bring something unexpected, fun and interactive so that the attendees are engaged and involved. You need to ditch the usual swag of giving away stress balls and free pens. You can try giving away something that is memorable.

Staying Engaged is Important

You will not know what will happen in case you are at a trade show that misses the mark for the company or feels slow. Do not fall into the dangerous trap of getting bored, ignoring attendees visiting your booth, or doing some other work. It is quite easy to have such a thing during a multi-day show when the coffee and adrenaline run out, and staffs in your booth lose their interest. You cannot expect the prospective clients to wait for you when you are not in the booth. So, do not go away from your booth for any reason until there are substitutes to handle those who visit the booth. You need not engage only with the attendees to sell your products and make profits. You can also engage with the other exhibitors at the show to make deals. All you need to do is capture the moment, and work it out with all that you have.