Month: October 2015

Tips to Make the Trade Show Booth a Success

successKnow your body language: It is best to think as if you are a host for your booth. When boost visitors near the space, welcome the crowd and maintain friendly manner. Ensure to keep your arms folded back or at the sides. Do not cross the arms since people may think it as defensive. It may make people to walk behind you.

The signage: The signage is important in a trade show booth. It should look interesting and attractive. The statement should make people to get attracted and visit your booth. It should be precise and strong than your competitor’s words. For example, when you include words like free, offer or discount in the signage, it will make people to think to visit your shop. They may wonder why not to visit your store to grab the offer. When they visit your booth, you have explain them clear what the offer is and how they can make use.

Add details in your website: Ensure to include about the offers or product in your website. It will be useful when you have to display your website. If the venue has free wifi, the visitors will browse your website and check out the offer. If you have individual tablet or pad, you can load the browser and keep it ready to show to your customers. They will not have difficulty in loading the website or face slow load times.

Provide them easy to digest package: It means you need to explain the benefits or features of the product by making it as a package. It is hard for customers to keep all the business in mind. They will not even have time to cover the booth. When you give them a pamphlet or brochure explaining your business, they will get an idea and visit your store even if they did not turn up in the booth. You have to add informative and relevant contents in the brochure. It should be clear and simple. Ensure to mention your website address, physical address and contact person details. The visitors entering the event will contact you after the event is over. You may know whether you have met them but the visitors will keep the brochure and follow you for regular updates.

Conclusion: Think about innovative ways to meet your customer. When you have an idea how to impress and make them your customers, you can easily plan and follow in your business. These four tips will remain helpful if you are planning a tradeshow or events in the forthcoming year.