Month: December 2015

Ideas to Attract Customers with Event Marketing

Woman_ideas_infographic_social_clouds_concept_FREE_VECTOR-600x300Customer events are exceptional ways to create excitement and to attract new customers who will be loyal to your business. But, how can you come up with an event idea that will help you by attracting people? In this content, there are some useful and beneficial ideas to attract customers to your business.

Learning event: In this event, you will focus on teaching the attendees on how to do a specific thing. The options that are available are limitless and these include things such as a winery having wine and food pairing, a makeup artist to reveal the latest methods in highlighting and contouring, a plumber who could advise the benefits of maintaining pipes, an esthetician to address the benefits of good skincare and aging effects, and the money people can save with the right upkeep.

Hands-on or interactive event: Just like a learning event, a hands-on event will take learning to the next level by putting it into the attendees’ hands. Such an event will let the attendees roll their sleeves up to learn and do things simultaneously. For instance, typical examples of the hands-on event include a printer demonstrating the process of creating letterpress cards and invitations, a plant nursery that shows the steps involved in planning succulents in mini terrariums, a software company letting customers create an application using their technology, etc.

Charitable event: These are events that happen with a cause that is tied to them, and these are brilliant ones to attract customers as there is a do good, feel good element in such events. Spending or shopping for a cause is something that customers take pride in, and it helps in contributing to the success factor of these events. You can hold a charitable event whenever you want and ensure that you connect to the audience as they care about the theme and cause. For instance, you can have a retail cloth store hosting to donate the old coats or denim.

Special guest event: Inviting special guests to your event can be really awesome to attract people to the event. Several local athletes will also lend their name as well as a presence to the causes that they support. A café or restaurant can get a celebrity chef to prepare a special meal or dish and also sign cookbooks, a well known makeup artist can be brought by a wedding consultant to provide makeovers for the big day, and so on. The idea behind this is people simply love to have special experiences that are out of the box, and these will events will deliver on that.

VIP event: Usually, people love to be a part of special and exclusive things. Likewise, a VIP event will attract people, and you can create either a members-only event or VIP event for the loyal customers and provide them special shopping hours, elevated customer service, and nice discounts. These events have been popular for many years, and the key to such events is to keep it manageable and small so that you provide the best user experience as they are your best customers.

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