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Ideas to Attract Customers with Event Marketing

Woman_ideas_infographic_social_clouds_concept_FREE_VECTOR-600x300Customer events are exceptional ways to create excitement and to attract new customers who will be loyal to your business. But, how can you come up with an event idea that will help you by attracting people? In this content, there are some useful and beneficial ideas to attract customers to your business.

Learning event: In this event, you will focus on teaching the attendees on how to do a specific thing. The options that are available are limitless and these include things such as a winery having wine and food pairing, a makeup artist to reveal the latest methods in highlighting and contouring, a plumber who could advise the benefits of maintaining pipes, an esthetician to address the benefits of good skincare and aging effects, and the money people can save with the right upkeep.

Hands-on or interactive event: Just like a learning event, a hands-on event will take learning to the next level by putting it into the attendees’ hands. Such an event will let the attendees roll their sleeves up to learn and do things simultaneously. For instance, typical examples of the hands-on event include a printer demonstrating the process of creating letterpress cards and invitations, a plant nursery that shows the steps involved in planning succulents in mini terrariums, a software company letting customers create an application using their technology, etc.

Charitable event: These are events that happen with a cause that is tied to them, and these are brilliant ones to attract customers as there is a do good, feel good element in such events. Spending or shopping for a cause is something that customers take pride in, and it helps in contributing to the success factor of these events. You can hold a charitable event whenever you want and ensure that you connect to the audience as they care about the theme and cause. For instance, you can have a retail cloth store hosting to donate the old coats or denim.

Special guest event: Inviting special guests to your event can be really awesome to attract people to the event. Several local athletes will also lend their name as well as a presence to the causes that they support. A café or restaurant can get a celebrity chef to prepare a special meal or dish and also sign cookbooks, a well known makeup artist can be brought by a wedding consultant to provide makeovers for the big day, and so on. The idea behind this is people simply love to have special experiences that are out of the box, and these will events will deliver on that.

VIP event: Usually, people love to be a part of special and exclusive things. Likewise, a VIP event will attract people, and you can create either a members-only event or VIP event for the loyal customers and provide them special shopping hours, elevated customer service, and nice discounts. These events have been popular for many years, and the key to such events is to keep it manageable and small so that you provide the best user experience as they are your best customers.

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Tips for Event Planning

Event-Planner-FeaturedThere are several ways to create a different experience potential customers, customers and employees. When you host a business event near people, you will be able to learn about them and they will know you. It is hard for them to say no or excuse for attending the party. Here listing some tips that will make your event planning simple.

Set the budget: You have to know how much you can spend for the party. The budget should be fixed in advance. This way, you would not be spending more than your budget. You have to total the usual costs like labor, giveaways, marketing, décor, drinks, food, and venue to calculate how much you require for the event.

Create guest list: Whom you wanted to invite? How many people to invite? How many will attend the event? If you know the answers of these questions, you will easily know whom to invite for the event. You have to look your potential customers and search for customers who will remain useful. If possible, you have to send information about your event to people through other events or marketing channels.

Fix a date: When to host the event? Which date will be suitable? You have to think on various angles to fix the date. It should be comfortable for your potential customers to visit. For example, some people will host on weekends to meet. It may be easy for them to attend as they will not have commitments. You have to think from your side and decide a right date.

Scout locations: Do you want to launch your event in other business area or exactly in your place? Which is the right location to meet potential customers? What are the things included in the venue (audio equipment, drinks, staff, food)? How many rooms are available in the venue? Is it possible to use the venue in exchange of meet more number of customers or trade that is needed for your business?

Pick a theme: It is important to fix a theme so that you can do the entire decoration, drink and food accordingly. People love to spend at events during the holidays. The holiday season is right time to launch an event. You can Google more to get fun and inexpensive ideas for theme.

Questions you have to yourself: How to reach the potential audience? How to promote the event? What are the best ways of promoting the event? How to attract people to make them attend the event?
Thus, event planning will remain simple when you answer these questions.

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Tips to Make the Trade Show Booth a Success

successKnow your body language: It is best to think as if you are a host for your booth. When boost visitors near the space, welcome the crowd and maintain friendly manner. Ensure to keep your arms folded back or at the sides. Do not cross the arms since people may think it as defensive. It may make people to walk behind you.

The signage: The signage is important in a trade show booth. It should look interesting and attractive. The statement should make people to get attracted and visit your booth. It should be precise and strong than your competitor’s words. For example, when you include words like free, offer or discount in the signage, it will make people to think to visit your shop. They may wonder why not to visit your store to grab the offer. When they visit your booth, you have explain them clear what the offer is and how they can make use.

Add details in your website: Ensure to include about the offers or product in your website. It will be useful when you have to display your website. If the venue has free wifi, the visitors will browse your website and check out the offer. If you have individual tablet or pad, you can load the browser and keep it ready to show to your customers. They will not have difficulty in loading the website or face slow load times.

Provide them easy to digest package: It means you need to explain the benefits or features of the product by making it as a package. It is hard for customers to keep all the business in mind. They will not even have time to cover the booth. When you give them a pamphlet or brochure explaining your business, they will get an idea and visit your store even if they did not turn up in the booth. You have to add informative and relevant contents in the brochure. It should be clear and simple. Ensure to mention your website address, physical address and contact person details. The visitors entering the event will contact you after the event is over. You may know whether you have met them but the visitors will keep the brochure and follow you for regular updates.

Conclusion: Think about innovative ways to meet your customer. When you have an idea how to impress and make them your customers, you can easily plan and follow in your business. These four tips will remain helpful if you are planning a tradeshow or events in the forthcoming year.

Best Ways to Break Through the Noise at Trade Shows

Man's word bubble is brick arrow, bouncing off second man's ear
Man’s word bubble is brick arrow, bouncing off second man’s ear

It could be a daunting experience to host events and have booths on show floors that are huge with several thousands of attendees, especially the multi-day events. Moreover, if you do not exhibit at such trade shows on a regular basis, you cannot afford a flashy and huge booth. Here are some best ways how you and your business can have a break through the noisy environment that exists at any trade show and ensure you come with great success.

Personality Matters

The nature of the trade shows demands a great personality. By saying personality, it means the look and feel of the booth to the exhibitors who are working over there, and how your booth blends in with the environment or stands out. Do you always make use of the same booth for every trade show or use a booth that targets the type of show you are attending? Though the process could be time consuming and expensive, it will be really helpful to target your booth to suit the type of show you are exhibiting at.

Also, you should think about who will be sent to work at the booth. This is delegated to the sales folks who are the entry level or the junior members of the sales team. You need to think about what you want to accomplish at the show. Do you really want to generate more leads? Do you want prospective partner deals? Whatever it is, the end goal has to help you determine who will be able to best deliver the desired result.

Be Novel

At a trade show, there will be many booths, and a lot can be said to have some novelty in order to attract folks to your booth. As an attendee, it is pretty easy to get caught among the many people and do not way to break the sales pitch from a bored and desperate exhibitor. In the booth, you need to shake things up and bring something unexpected, fun and interactive so that the attendees are engaged and involved. You need to ditch the usual swag of giving away stress balls and free pens. You can try giving away something that is memorable.

Staying Engaged is Important

You will not know what will happen in case you are at a trade show that misses the mark for the company or feels slow. Do not fall into the dangerous trap of getting bored, ignoring attendees visiting your booth, or doing some other work. It is quite easy to have such a thing during a multi-day show when the coffee and adrenaline run out, and staffs in your booth lose their interest. You cannot expect the prospective clients to wait for you when you are not in the booth. So, do not go away from your booth for any reason until there are substitutes to handle those who visit the booth. You need not engage only with the attendees to sell your products and make profits. You can also engage with the other exhibitors at the show to make deals. All you need to do is capture the moment, and work it out with all that you have.