Small Business Marketing

Tips for Small Business Marketing

internet-marketing-strategies-for-small-business-glitzymediaKeyword overkill: If you are doing online marketing for your business, you have to know what keywords to use and how it will remain useful for your business. The keyword research is important in online marketing. These are the common words used in search engines like Yahoo or Google. The search terms will help your website to appear when searching in the internet.

For instance, if you are dealing with restaurant business and serve both veg and non veg foods, then the keywords should be focussed on restaurant or foods in your area. When a person types the word restaurant, they have to come across your restaurant website in first place in the search engine results. The keywords will help the website to get listed in the first page. Search engine optimization is referred as SEO in short. There are keywords that help for SEO. You need to research and find out which works out for your business. It is important to mention the target location.

If you want to target your local place, you have to insert your area or city name along with the keyword. Google does not advice for keyword stuffing. The keyword should be placed in right density. For example, you can insert about three to five percentage of keyword in website contents. If you are going to insert the keyword in each and every line, Google will reject your website.

From human perspective, keyword stuffing is wrong. It leads to unengaging, uninformative and boring copy. When a person reads the content, they have to feel satisfied. There should be meaning in the contents. If the contents are completely keyword focussed, they would not even feel like reading the complete page. They may skip or stop to read within three seconds.

Email campaigns

The email campaign should be executed in a well-planned manner. You need to send emails to potential audience rather than sending to general people. There are some advanced email marketing software that allows the user to find out whether the email is read, opened or deleted by the receiver. It should be monitored from time to time. Some people may unsubscribe a mail because they may think that it is not relevant to their interest. Therefore, check to whom you are sending the mail. It should be created or developed attractively. It should have impressive contents. It should make the receiver to click and open immediately when they see in their mail box.

Sending too many links to people

It is well known that links helps to improve your traffic but it should not be too much. If you keep sharing too much of links or contents to people, they would get bored up and fail to check the link. They will not even click the link since they know it is something business oriented. It is best to send one or two links a week. They should not be pushed with too much of links. When you send them attractive links once or twice in a week, they will be eager to receive and check out.

Follow the Google guidelines

As an internet marketing expert, you have to update yourself with the latest guidelines released by the Google. You have to follow Google updates and track your website accordingly. The website should be designed and developed from customer’s point of view. For instance, when a visitor enters the site, they should feel easy to browse and shop in the website. If there are lot of twists or turns, they would just click back and shop from your competitor’s site. It should contain necessary tools and software. Some website will not have chat support. The customer will feel tough to contact the customer support team.

Top Marketing Techniques in 2016 – How it will help your small business?

The prediction season is started. The forecasters have found various interesting marketing techniques that will remain helpful for your small business. Ensure to focus on these trends to make a better start in this New Year.

There are chances for new competition between the search engines. It is well known that the driver seats are occupied by the search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google for a long time. Long before that is in 2012. Google expressed that it showed results for one million search queries per day. The company executives of Google recently admitted that the search queries are even higher now. In 2016, we are expecting big search engines to receive additional competition.

The social mediums like Pinterest and Facebook are expanding their potentialities and getting geared as per the user’s convenience. Google has started to index community tweets on the Twitter. It is good news for small business owners. If you are one among, you can make complete use of social media and Google to market your services and products. Ensure to take immediate action if you have not taken any steps still.

Social media is spreading to nooks and corners of the world. It is almost similar to word of mouth marketing. The small businesses can remain updated by using the social media channels. You can share the feedback and positive reviews posted by your consumers in the social media. It will be displayedon the popular social media site and remains visible for the new customers. If you have some negative comments or reviews, you need to check on it and take immediate action.

The social media popularity will continue to grow in 2016. Nowadays, people love to share about their shopping in social media channels. They clearly comment and explain their shopping experience on the social media website they are active.

As the size of the mobile phones is getting bigger and better, the usage is also increasing day by day. The majority of people have started to use their mobile phone or smartphone for booking a train, taxi, movie tickets, and much more. They feel mobile phones are compatible and smart than the laptop or desktop. They prefer to use a smartphone instead of their computer. If you have a website, ensure to check whether it is mobile compatible.

One of the reports given by the Internet Trends of 2015 states that 2.1 billion customers have smartphone all over the world. It was calculated at the end of 2014. Guess, by now the result would have increased at least half the total estimate.

Google has passed news recently. It states that mobile internet traffic is getting equal to the desktop traffic. These reports mean that you have to make your small business website mobile friendly or mobile compatible. It will help the customers to access services and products from their smart devices.